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Obama Admin Calling for Business to Help Refugees in Crisis

On Thursday the White House will urge the business community to do more to help refugees as President Obama gears up for his upcoming participation in the world summit in September. The

Samantha Power. United States Mission Geneva Photo: Eric Bridiers
Samantha Power. United States Mission Geneva Photo: Eric Bridiers

summit is the forum to discuss with world leaders the ways the global community can help refugees.

Samantha Power, US Ambassador to the United Nations, said this week that Obama will announce at the summit that the United Nations should set as a goal getting one million refugee children into school and one million additional refugees legal employment in the countries to which they have fled.

“The summit is by no means a panacea; even if we hit every target, our response will still not match the scale of the crisis,” Power told the United States Institute of Peace.

“We need businesses, big and small, to do more too; which is why tomorrow, the White House is launching a private sector call to action, which will rally companies to do their part, from providing jobs to donating services to refugees,” Power said.

Powers announced that the US is planning on meeting its own goal of taking in 10,000 Syrian refugees this year out of a total of 85,000. She criticized those who are demanding a stop to bringing in refugees, especially in the wake of recent terrorist attacks committed by adherents to Islam.

“Ignorance and prejudice make for bad advisors,” Power said.



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