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Monthly Archives: May 2016

American Oil Prices Rise as Summer Driving Season Commences

OILSummer is here, not only causing the temperatures outside to rise, but also the price of oil. The warmer months mean vacations and increased driving, which in turn drives up oil prices as demand climbs. The rise is for American oil; internationally prices were kept down by increased output in the Middle East, which caters to customers in Asia.

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures were up 17 cents/barrel to reach $49.50 on Tuesday.

“Investor positioning points to further support for commodity prices as bearish bets continue to be reduced,” ANZ bank said on Tuesday.

Middle Eastern crude exports increased, causing prices to decline. Brent crude futures lost 11 cents from their last close, closing at $49.65 per barrel.

HP Enterprise Spinning Off Business Services Division to Computer Sciences Corp

As Hewlett Packard Enterprise continues to re-structure its operations to state competitive in the world of high-tech, it has decided to sell off its business services division to its competitor Computer Sciences Corp. HP Enterprise will earn about $8.5 billion for its shareholders from the deal. The unloading of the business division will allow HP… Continue Reading

Retail Sales Up in April in the US

  Good news for the economy: The overall sales rate grew fastest since March 2015, showing a gain of 1.3 percent this month compared to last month. Car sales also improved, surging by 3.2 percent; an excellent performance coming off of last month’s drop of 3.2 percent. Total retail sales in March were even better… Continue Reading

US Businesses Find it Hard to Get Behind Trump

The Republican party has traditionally been the political home of business in America. This usual refuge of the wealthy and small-government minded electorate are having their presumptions stood on their heads as Donald Trump appears likely to be the Republican nominee for president in the upcoming election. Just as mainstream Republican party supporters have watched… Continue Reading

Buffet Says Neither President Can Stop US Economy

Warren Buffet, a financial guru for many in the US, says the US economy will continue to grow whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump wins the Presidential election. Though neither candidate is yet officially running for president, by the end of the summer, after the Republican and Democratic conventions choose their candidates, the most likely… Continue Reading