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Graduation Day Advice from Business Insider- Part I

Staffers from Business Insider have compiled a list of answers to the question: “What do you wish someone had told you at graduation?”

Alyson Shontell, Senior Reporter, SAI, wrote:

“Join a startup when you graduate run by seasoned, smart founders. In an ideal world, you’ll pick one that will grow far bigger than it is when you join it. Either way, you will get tremendous experience and get to try your hand at a number of different roles, which can help you decide what you actually want to do with your life. And if the company grows, your career can grow with it.”

Steve Kovach, SAI Editor, added:

“My advice is to not settle. There’s a good chance your first job will be something you hate. If that’s the case, don’t stop looking until you land somewhere you can see yourself working for several years.”

Transporter Reporter Alex Davies advised:

“Leave the country for at least a year. Chances are you can find a job in Europe, South America, or Asia teaching English.

You’ll have a good time, and won’t have to worry about a career for a year. When you come back you will seem more interesting to everyone, including potential employers.

It’s not like you’ll be missing out on a booming economy, either, and none of the people in my graduating class who left the country for a year had more trouble than usual finding a job upon their return.”

Tips for a Fearless Career- Part II

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Tips for a Fearless Career- Part I

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Baker & Taylor Lanzan una Nueva Aplicación Gratis Llamada axisReader

En las noticias recientes de Baker & Taylor, se informó que ellos acaban de lanzar una nueva aplicación gratis para tablets y smartphones llamada axisReader. Esta nueva aplicación permite a usuarios de bibliotecas, que tengan la plataforma Axis 360, leer y echar un vistazo a ebooks en las plataformas EPUB y PDF de sus dispositivos… Continue Reading

ShopKeep POS, an iPad Point of Sales

ShopKeep, an iPad POS point of sale system, was developed by business owner Jason Richelson to suit the needs of those standing “behind the counter.” The ShopKeep system helps retailers simplify sales by allowing users to add items, select a payment method, add a gratuity and complete the transaction by tapping on an iPad. Reuters… Continue Reading

5 Tried-and-True Tips from Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos

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John Paulson Backs Dish Offer to Sprint

John Paulson recently backed the newest bid for Sprint Nextel from Dish Network. According to Paulson, the $25.5 billion cash and stock offer was better than Softbank’s, which offered 70% of the company. According to LionShares, Paulson & Co. is the fourth largest shareholder in Sprint today. The hedge fund purchased 127.7 million shares, or… Continue Reading