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Importance of Architectural Design in Property Value

When it comes to real estate Architectural design in buildings has always been extremely important.  Resell and real estate value can really be impacted by poor/quality architectural design.  In addition, when purchasing for one’s own use, with bad design the problems are endless.  Looking for solid, aesthetically pleasing designs with the use of high quality materials and structures is crucial in the real estate market.

A study conducted by Modern Metal Solutions (a group of architects, contractors, engineers, fabricators and installers) also found that homes with rich architecture will have a higher re-sale value over properties in the same neighborhood with all things equal.

According to semi-retired Moshe Victor Keinig, there is another reason architecturally-sound designed buildings are a great investment.

“At the end of the day, people want beauty.  If you look around and think about what people spend money on it’s often something that makes them feel good, that offers comfort and enjoyment.  Thus their home is going to be a place of beauty.  That’s why I personally believe re-sale value is increased by high quality architectural design.”

This sentiment was echoed by a paper published in 2015 in America by the International Conference on Sustainable Design, Engineering and Construction.  It found that vis-à-vis sustainable homes, architectural designs are likely to have an extremely positive impact.  In addition, just two years ago a report published in England by The Modern House in conjunction with Dataloft found that an additional 12 percent can be added to the sale price of a well-designed home.  Modern House co-founder Albert Hill said:

“Design is a real differentiator for today’s home buyers and they are prepared to dig deep if they can see design having a tangible effect on their lifestyle. More than ever people are looking for transformative experiences and so the enthusiasm for investing in a great home space is not surprising.”

In Australia it was found that staying true to classic design can also increase re-sale value.  In 2017 a Carlton terrace property was auctioned for $1m higher than its reserve price due to renovation that stayed within its classic boundaries.

When it comes to property and re-sale value, investments and real estate, it does appear that there are many arguments to be made in favor of renovation, re-design and sound architectural construction.

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