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BI Trends for 2022

It seems that automation is permeating practically every aspect of our lives. From grocery shopping to banking, communicating to cooking—automation functions and platforms are making every task easier and accessible. And business intelligence (BI) is no exception. Automation is set to be one of the biggest trends in that industry in 2022. Alongside process automation, designed to streamline repeated jobs and assignments, we also expect to see the delivery of automated insights which allow users to act on information immediately.

Natural language processing (NLP) is also primed to shine in the year ahead. With the growing reliance on data in all sectors and industries, NLP offers users with limited or no coding capabilities the power of information analysis with queries presented in common (i.e. natural) language, either written or spoken. As NLP applications get better at detecting linguistic nuances and distinctions, more companies and customers are likely to use these tools.

Given the newest standards for legal compliance, and the philanthropic cultures of many firms, BI tools for environmental, social and governance (ESG) ideas and scenario planning are trending. Issues like environmental sustainability and ecological accountability are pressing companies to adopt practical tools which will transform their business intelligence into good ideas, policies, products, and initiatives. With the unpredictability of the market, and continued pandemic concerns, companies are keen to use existing BI to devise strategy and map possible situations; having the right technology and tools to do so is key.

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