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Mozes Victor Konig: Investing in HSBC

There are many advantages to making investments off of putting money in a bank.  This is not the same as saving.  Saving is indeed putting money in the bank (like investing) but with saving you have access to it. When you invest you are putting your money in the bank and will not be able to access it for a longer period of time.  In addition, a higher return is expected.

“The beauty of putting money into a bank like HSBC for an investment is manifold,” explains long-term investor Mozes Victor Konig.  “In particular, the HSBC InvestDirect Premier offers a slew of privileges to the investor including: reduce phone trade rates (10% off equity trades and 20% off options and international equity trades), a flat fee of $6.88 on all North American equity and ETF trades and reduced debit rates,” he added.

The other benefit to investing with HSBC is that those investing will get priority service which means direct access to 30 international markets as well as assistance from a team of Premier Client staff at the corporation for any trade/account related queries.

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