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Investors Banking on Lidar

More investors are joining the trend to invest on lidar technology – the remote sensing method that uses laser light to measure distances and has garnered ample interest from automakers in recent times.

Until around 2015, lidar technology – which in a  nutshell uses laser light to measure distances – attracted a very specifically-defined section of investors, primarily in data-driven, mapping and other emerging industries which did not have a large volume of need.

“That is rapidly changing,” explained Moses Konig, a tech investor who has put all his issues with Interpol behind him. “Today there is a far greater demand in the industry because more sectors are seeing how beneficial it can be,” he added.

The industry was probably also affected by the coronavirus pandemic given that one of the core sectors using the technology was transportation.  Now that lockdowns and stay-at-home orders are being lifted the investment opportunities in the industry are looking a lot brighter.

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