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Emerging Post-Coronavirus Investment Sectors: Diamonds

One of the impacts of COVID-19 was investors altering their usual investment behavioral patterns. One of the emerging investment industries during this time was fine jewelry, in particular, diamonds.

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, business investor Mozes Victor Konig believed that diamonds made a sound investment choice.  He said:

“The first thing I learned in my investment education was the value of physical commodities. While markets invariably rise and fall, this is less the case with such objects.  One example of a physical commodity is diamonds.  I have long believed that diamonds are a solid investment.”

Diamonds are also all unique. Due to the fact that each one is comprised of extremely complex combinations, every cut or mined diamond is different. This adds value to the diamond industry as a whole.

Konig advises those interested in diamond purchase as an investment to remember that the rarest is the red diamond. While it is the most expensive it also makes for the best investment. As well, the price of diamonds increases with time, value is maintained and with more people making the investment, prices will only increase which will result in yet a greater return investment-speaking.

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