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Top Technological Developments of the 21st Century

Online shopping has swept people up across the globe, and was recently voted the biggest technological development of the 21st century in Britain. The majority of the world’s retailers offer online shopping opportunities, and other websites such as and were created specifically to help people save money while shopping for their favorite brands on the internet.

Another internet-related breakthrough of the 21st century is online banking. Banks such as Doral Bank, which is based in Puerto Rico and New York, understand that providing their customers with online options has many advantages, including the ability to effortlessly verify account balances, transfer money between accounts, make secure payments from the comfort of home and review recent payments and other financial activity. Internet banking also allows people to keep tabs on their finances without too much effort; email alerts, reminders and confirmation requests help customers stay on top of their various accounts, transactions, savings, cashed checks and more.

In Britain, 75% of the population use online banking services. According to the British vote, the top five technological developments of the century include online shopping, internet banking, mobile internet, digital TV recorders and online film streaming services.

Jean Fiddes of E.ON said: “Our research shows consumers are increasingly using technology to make their lives easier and save money on everyday costs… Online shopping and banking and on-the-go entertainment were all at one time considered ‘new’ technologies but are now very much a part of our day-to-day lives. And although we may get nostalgic about the good old days, many of us appreciate the convenience and control technology can offer.”



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