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US Inventory Rise Bodes Well for Economy

April was a strong month for the US economy as business inventories posted their largest increase in six months.  Leaving out figures for automobiles, the data support expectations for a significant improvement in growth during the year’s second quarter.

Numbers released by the Commerce Department on Thursday showed inventories rising by 0.6 percent in April, following an increase of 0.4 percent in March. April’s increase was the steepest since last October.

According to a Reuter’s poll, economists had expected inventories to rise by only 0.4 percent in April. Inventories are an important component of gross domestic product changes. Retail inventories, not including cars, which are included in the calculation of GDP, went up by 0.2 percent

Extreme Weather Conditions May Impact Spring Business

Cities across the United States have been struggling with frigid temperatures, snow and ice, and the unusually harsh weather has had an impact on numerous industries and markets across the continent. According to Morningstar‘s Jamie Katz, the weather may also have a negative effect on retail this spring if retailers are forced to offer discounts… Continue Reading

Price of Cocoa Butter Threatens Holiday Chocolate Market

According to recent reports, high demand and tight supplies of cocoa butter may increase the price of chocolate this holiday season. The Huffington Post explains that “Increased demand from Asia’s expanding middle class and a turnaround in sales in big consuming countries have seen butter prices nearly double to more than $7,000 a tonne from… Continue Reading

Blackberry May Put Itself on the Market

Blackberry, previously known as RIM, is weighing its options as it continues to lose popularity throughout the hi-tech world. Though its keyboards are favored by many, the majority of Blackberry’s consumers have abandoned it for the iPhone and its look-alikes, including the Samsung Galaxy and Google’s Nexus. The Canadian smartphone company is considering selling, and… Continue Reading

2012 To See Little Growth, Poll Shows

A recent poll of hundreds of economists has revealed that the global economy will continue to struggle throughout 2012, but will begin to see significant growth by 2013. Though many expected 2012 to be a rough year, even experts believed the United States’ resilience would keep the economy above water. Numerous successful emerging markets contributed… Continue Reading

Rubalcaba Requires Redistribution

Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba – the current Spanish Socialist Party candidate for PM – requested the country’s banks make greater contributions and its rich individuals to provide assistance in an effort to “help end the country’s deep economic crisis,” as reported in a recent Nasdaq article.  He also said that “it’s time for those who’ve suffered… Continue Reading