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China Wants US to Take Some Responsibility for WannaCry Cyber Attack

The recent global cyber-attack known as WannaCry infected over 300,000 computers around the world, with China among the hardest hit. As of Saturday, about 30,000 Chinese organizations were infected with a “ransomware” virus that takes advantage of weaknesses in Microsoft Corp systems. China lashed out against the United States in the wake of the damage,… Continue Reading

Pirated CDs Hurting Music Business

Even today, when most music is purchased and listened to digitally, there are still many people that take their music in hard copy, on an old-fashioned compact disc, or CD. These small metal discs, laser-etched with beautiful sounds for the customers’ listening pleasure, go for about $10 each. When created, and sold by legitimate companies,… Continue Reading

Luxury Homes in US Purchased through IM Apps by Chinese Nationals

Chinese nationals are the largest group of non-American buyers of US real estate. With an eye to diversifying their portfolios and keeping their money safe, Chinese investors are willing to pay more than all other nationalities. Enter the voice messaging app known as WeChat, introduced in 2011 by the Chinese Internet gaming giant Tencent. WeChat,… Continue Reading

China Passes US in Oil Imports

After about ten years of changing energy flows from the US as the world’s biggest importer towards China taking the lead, April was the month China it finally happened. According to Chinese customs data the Asian giant reached an historic high of overseas oil purchases of $7.4 million barrels a day. US imports in April… Continue Reading