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Asia’s Fifty Top Businesswomen

Forbes put together a list of who they consider the 50 top businesswomen at work today in Asia. The talented women were picked according to “their hands-on management of profit-seeking companies.”

The list includes such stellar figures as Australia’s richest individual and mining mogul Gina Rinehart and the head of Vietnam’s largest milk company.

"This inaugural list celebrates the dynamic ways in which Asia's businesswomen are driving some of the region's most exciting growth. Through their respective realms of power and influence, these honorees span diverse industries, nations and generations, yet each has changed the face of Asian business, while creating opportunities for future leaders,"

said Moira Forbes, president and publisher of ForbesWoman in a statement.

Here are just ten of those fifty special women.

Name                                Age    Company                                  Country
Zhou Yaxian                      52     Shenguan Holdings                    China
Zhang Xin                          46     Soho                                               China
Yuwadee Chirathivat        58    Central Department Store           Thailand
Peggy Yu                            46                             China
Wendy Yap                         55     PT Nippon Indosari Corpindo    Indonesia
Yang Mianmian                 70     Haier Group                                   China
Marjorie Yang                     59    Esquel Group                                 Hong Kong
Wu Yajun                             47    Longfor Properties                        China
Wang Fengying                  41    Great Wall Motor                            China
Jing Ulrich                           44    JPMorgan                                        Hong Kong

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Stressed-Out Euros and Plummeting Yens

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Global Budgetary Issues

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Apple Struggles to Please the World

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