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New York Colleges Offering More Tech-Ed

Five campuses of the City University of New York (CUNY) network are now offering more technology courses, bolstered faculty, and internship opportunities at local tech companies. This initiative is part of the city’s effort to double the number of CUNY alumni employed in the tech industry by 2022.

New York’s Department of Small Business Services is giving $4 million to the CUNY 2X Tech program, making the program’s budget to $24 million across eight CUNY campuses.

“This additional investment in N.Y.C. public colleges expands the pipelines of opportunities for New Yorkers to enter quality, well-paying careers in the tech sector. Local employers can now reach into a larger pool of home-grown talent to help their business and New York City’s economy grow.”

Gregg Bishop, Commissioner of the Small Business Services Department

More than 1,000 students have already been trained by tech workers at Apple, Amazon, and Google, with some continuing on as fulltime employees.

Hunter, Lehman and City colleges already offer the enhanced tech programs. Brooklyn, Queens, Medgar Evers, John Jay Colleges, and the College of Staten Island will each be allocated $2 million over the next few years to expand their tech offerings.

Amazon to Move Into Health Sector

Amazon recently decided to enter the health industry, despite some misgivings. CEO of Walgreens Stefano Pessina believes the health sector is too complicated to be a good market for Amazon. Amazon has “opportunities around the world and in other categories, which are much, much simpler than health care, which is a very regulated business,” he… Continue Reading

Pirated CDs Hurting Music Business

Even today, when most music is purchased and listened to digitally, there are still many people that take their music in hard copy, on an old-fashioned compact disc, or CD. These small metal discs, laser-etched with beautiful sounds for the customers’ listening pleasure, go for about $10 each. When created, and sold by legitimate companies,… Continue Reading

Amazon Expands One-Hour Delivery Service

Moving another step closer to fulfilling the dreams of the “Now” generation, Amazon announced last week that it will be able to deliver orders within one hour in two new locations. Although some might argue that one hour is technically not “Now,” it certainly comes pretty close, considering the fact that most orders on Amazon… Continue Reading CEO on Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin is likely to experience a burst now that online retailer accepts the payment method. In fact, many speculate that Amazon may soon follow suit. According to CEO Patrick Byrne, the company saw Bitcoin  orders worth $130K on the first day alone. Byrne discussed the new development in an interview with CNN International:… Continue Reading

5 Tried-and-True Tips from Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has shared numerous tips throughout the two decades of his business. What originally began as an online bookstore has become an entrepreneurial empire thanks to hard work, creative ideas, and high standards. John Greathouse, a contributor to Forbes Magazine, listed 5 success tips from Bezos: Establish a High Hiring… Continue Reading

Google Releases Nexus 7

The tablet marketplace just got a little more crowded as Google releases its own, modestly priced, eReader-type product called the Nexus 7. Unveiled at Google’s I/O developers’ conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, the seven-inch tablet was designed by Google engineers but is actually manufactured by Asus in Taiwan. The new product will be priced… Continue Reading