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New Partners Announced at Goldman Sachs

Continuing a 130 year-old tradition, Goldman Sachs Group, Inc named 70 of its most dedicated employees to the status of partner in mid-November. Among those so named are Michael Swell, Anne Marie Darling, and Scott Lebovitz. Goldman Sachs promotes to partner a select few of its total number of employees every two years, with numbers ranging from 110 who were picked in 2010, 94 in 2008, and 70 this year.

The percentage of new partners who are women is the largest it’s been since 2006, at 14 percent, with ten new women named. Almost 60 percent are based in the Americas, while about 29 percent are stationed in Europe and MENA. About 13 percent of the new partners are working in Asia.

Among the new women partners is Anne Marie Darling. Darling, based in New York, is the chief operating officer of securities division sales. In 2006 she was named as the inventor of a financial technology patent which was made up of, “apparatus, methods and articles of manufacture for providing, accessing and editing content intended for publication or dissemination.”

Working within the global fixed-income group in Goldman Sachs Asset Management division, Michael Swell has 18 years of investment experience. He has also worked inside the global fixed income and liquidity management team at GSAM.

After joining Goldman Sachs in 1997, Scott Lebovitz attained the position of Vice President of the Merchant Banking Division at Goldman.  Since 2011, Lebovitz served as Director of Cobalt International Energy, Inc.

Taken together, partners at Goldman Sachs own about 11.4 percent of the company’s shares, as of October 22, 2012.  The total number of employees at the firm, which is the fifth largest investment bank in the United States, numbers 32,600 people. When the promotion to partners goes through on January 1st, 2013, the percentage of partners out of all full-time employees at Goldman will be about 1.7 percent.

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