Chasing the Storm: Joy Lim Nakrin Achieving Success

Many newscasters have interesting stories. Not all, however, have a law degree behind them, a Chinese mother and Jewish father, and a world of experience traveling. Joy Lim Nakrin has all of this, and brings her experience to KSTP-TV where she is a news anchor.

She discovered her love of television reporting after college and law school, while working for ESPN Star Sports in Singapore. As she recalled, “The network was broadcast to 24 countries. The fact that I was a native English speaker but looked ethnically Asian really made the job a good fit for me.”

As both a beat reporter and weekend anchor on KSTP-TV, Nakrin is also the vice president of the local branch of the Asian American Journalists Association. She has been particularly interested in working with leaders of the Hmong community to make both the news and the weather more accessible to them. As she explained,

“Many people who grew up in southeast Asia never saw a tornado before moving to Minnesota. The local Hmong television station doesn’t have a meteorologist, so they need to be able to translate what they see from the weather service.”

She has created programs to offer presentations to the Hmong community about severe weather. She shows them videos of tornados and explains how to deal with severe weather.

As Chong Lee, a youth and education board member for the Lao Family Community in Minnesota, Inc. in St. Paul said, “The Hmong people have been here for more than 35 years, but there has never been any official training on severe weather offered before.”

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