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Don Slager and John J. Koraleski Join Board of Martin Marietta Materials

In recent business news, Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. (MLM) has announced that a new independent director was recently elected to their Board of Directors. At the Annual Meeting of Shareholders in May, Donald (Don) W. Slager was elected to their Board of Directors. Don Slager is the President and CEO of Republic Services, Inc. and is also a member of their Board of Directors. Republic Services is an industry leader in American recycling with approximately $9 billion in revenues. They have a vast array of operations including collection companies, transfer stations, landfills and recycling centers and more. Don Slager also serves on Martin Marietta’s Finance Committee and Ethics, Environment, Safety and Health Committee.

Another independent director was elected to the Board of Directors for Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. He is John J. Koraleski, the former Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Union Pacific Corporation (UNP). He was the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors for Union Pacific from February 2015 until he retired in September of that year. Union Pacific operates railroads that connect 23 states in the western area of the US by rail

As C. Howard (Ward) Nye, the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Martin Marietta said,

“We are excited to welcome Jack Koraleski and Don Slager to Martin Marietta’s Board of Directors. They are both experienced chief executives who are well-versed in corporate governance matters and whose strategic insights will be invaluable in helping Martin Marietta continue to deliver good results to its shareholders. In addition, their deep knowledge of logistics, transportation, land use, as well as a strong focus on safety and environmentally responsible businesses, will enable each of them to make a very meaningful contribution to the Board. We are extremely pleased to have people of Jack’s and Don’s caliber and expertise join the Martin Marietta Board and believe they are each going to make an important and positive impact on our company, its employees, customers and shareholders

Projection: By 2020 Netflix Will Have More Int’l Customers than Domestic

According to the London-based analytics firm IHS Markit, Netflix will have 75 million subscribers across the globe by 2020 generating $7 billion in revenue. Today, according to 2Q company results, Netflix has a total of 80 million subscribers in total, with 34 million outside the USA. There has been concern among investors that growth in… Continue Reading

Cisco Systems to Fire Twenty Percent of Work Force

In what is still an unconfirmed development, sources close to the company have reported to the popular technology news site CRN that Cisco Systems Inc will be laying off approximately 14,000 workers. That number represents about 20 percent of their global workforce. Cisco is a giant maker of network equipment. “As we’ve met with investors… Continue Reading

Trump Vows Tax Breaks for Business

Promising to “revolutionize” the tax code in favor of business, Donald Trump revealed a comprehensive and coherent agenda for how he will lure businesses back to the United States through taxation policy. In his address to the Economic Club of Detroit, the Republican candidate for president promised what he called the biggest “tax revolution” since… Continue Reading

IRS and New Estate Tax Rules: Opinion

Through the process of its amended tax law regulations, the IRS is likely to encounter hostility at the upcoming December 1 hearing on the matter. Much of the discussion will focus on whether or not it will be accused of “overstep[ing] its authority” in this regard. What are the experts saying on this? Pioneer Wealth… Continue Reading

Buffet Challenges Trump: Release Your Tax Returns

On the campaign trail in support of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, billionaire Warren Buffet challenged Clinton’s rival, Republican candidate Donald Trump, to release his tax returns. The race for the President of the United States is Trump’s first encounter with running for any kind of office. Not a politician, Trump is a businessman who… Continue Reading