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Cuba and US Opening Air Routes Between Them

Cubana Yak-420 CU-T 1704. Photo by Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK

Cubana Yak-420 CU-T 1704. Photo by Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK

It has been fifty years since the United States and Cuba allowed commercial traffic to enter and leave their respective air-spaces. Now, since last Tuesday, a deal signed by the two parties paves the way for the restoration of commercial flights between Cuba and the US. As soon as the deal was signed the US Department of Transportation started the bidding on as many as 110 US-Cuba flights per day by American airline companies. Although there are flights now between the two countries, they are all charter flights.

This decision is the most significant deal between the US and Cuba since the signing of the trade agreement between the two countries by President Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro in late 2014.

“Today is a historic day in the relationship between Cuba and the U.S.,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx after he and Transportation Minister Adel Yzquierdo Rodriguez of Cuba signed the deal in a ceremony at Havana’s Hotel Nacional. “It represents a critically important milestone in the U.S. effort to engage with Cuba.”

Top Officials Warn US Senate of Possible Threat from ISIS on US Soil

Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Lt. General Vincent Stewart told the Senate Armed Services Committee that ISIS “”will probably attempt to conduct additional attacks in Europe, and attempt to direct attacks on the US homeland in 2016.”

He was speaking at the annual US Senate hearing on world-wide threats along with other key US intelligence officials.
James Clapper, the US Director of National Intelligence, explained to the committee that ISIS is “taking advantage of the torrent of migrants to insert operatives into that flow,” and cautioned that the terrorist organization is “pretty skilled at phony passports so they can travel ostensibly as legitimate travelers.”

Clapper added: “As we saw in the November Paris attacks,” during which ISIS terrorists who were trained in the Middle East were able to murder 130 people in just one night, “returning foreign fighters with firsthand battlefield experience pose a dangerous operational threat.”

He continued: “Although the US is a much harder target than Europe, ISIL’s leaders are determined to strike the US homeland beyond inspiring homegrown violent extremist attacks.”

Empowering Your Own Success – Helping Others to do the Same

America is the land of opportunity and we love having choices. One of the great things these days that we are able to choose is who supplies our natural gas and electricity. With the deregulation of energy, competition has been created in the marketplace and this creates an environment of innovation, added-benefits for consumers and more product options. Consumer in deregulated energy supply markets may shop for and choose their own electricity and natural gas suppliers and programs that make sense to them.

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Ten Highest Paying Cities in the US

Downtown San Jose. Photo by Tim Wilson

Downtown San Jose. Photo by Tim Wilson

In some cities more than others, “it’s all about the money.” Although most of the time more goes into the equation of where someone is going to live than just potential salary, knowing where the highest paying jobs are located can help influence that decision.

US News recently released its Best Jobs Rankings for 2016, which included median salaries in its assessments. The publication then looked through the list of jobs and found in which cities certain jobs paid the most.
Be warned: cities with high salaries usually have equally high cost of living expenses. Someone who knows how to squeeze all he can get out of every dollar could do well in these cities.

1.    San Jose, California: Nurse anesthetist–$232,970; Nurse practitioner–$139,570; Computer systems analyst–$108,500
2.    San Francisco, California: Statistician–$121,300; Software developer–$118,690; Web developer–$91,560
3.    Washington, DC: Operations research analyst–$108,510; Computer systems analyst–$103,750; Web developer–$84,990
4.    New York, New York: Operations research analyst–$113,350; Audiologist–$107,530; Accountant–$93,160.
5.    Bridgeport, Connecticut: IT Manager–$160,180; Marketing manager–$158,460; Computer systems analyst–$108,040.

FYI Development Lab Contest

film-productionThis year’s Annual Realscreen Summit – now in its 18th year – attracted a staggering 2,351 delegates hailing from 29 countries. Hosted by the Marriott Marquis Washington DC, the goal of the summit is to “conduct business and examine the trends and ideas set to lead the non-fiction and unscripted genres into the future.”

For the second consecutive year, the FYI Development Lab Contest was held at the summit. This year, five production companies were able to sign “development deals worth US$20,000. One of the winning projects of this contest came from Nancy Glass’ Nancy Glass Productions (in conjunction with Vern’s Sweatshop Media). The idea behind the contest is “to provide production outfits with the opportunity to develop original unscripted programming for FYI.” The other four projects came from: World of Wonder, Goodbye Pictures, One Louder Productions and Dynamo Productions.

Founded in 2003, Nancy Glass Productions “has produced programming for all of the major cable networks including TLC, Animal Planet, E!, National Geographic, The Food Network, Lifetime Movie Network, A&E, DIY, HGTV, WEtv, and the Lifetime Network.”

Marijuana One of Nation’s Fastest Growing Commodities

Natural Marijuana Plant

Natural Marijuana Plant

The pot trade is booming: according to a new study, commerce in cannabis reached $5.4 billion in 2015, representing a 184 percent increase compared to the previous year.

As Troy Dayton, chief executive of the ArcView Group commented, “You won’t find another industry growing at that kind of clip.”
The study appeared in the fourth edition of the State of Legal Marijuana Markets, issued by the ArcView Group.

The study wrote that both medical and adult consumer sales grew from $4.6 billion in 2014 to $5.4 billion in 2015, a 17 percent increase year over year. Adult use sales rose to $998 million from $351 million in 2014, a growth rate of 184 percent.

The explanation for the large percentage increase is the fact that in July Oregon legalized the sale of pot for recreational use, joining the only two states where it’s totally legal to purchase marijuana without a medical marijuana license, Washington and Colorado.

“Legalization of cannabis is one of greatest business opportunities of our time and it’s still early enough to see huge growth,” said Dayton.

This trend is expected to continue as seven additional states are expected to vote on legalization of marijuana during 2016; while four other states could decide to change the standing marijuana laws to expand medical marijuana access.

“It is undeniable that cannabis is one of the fastest growing industry in the US. Twenty-three states already permit medical cannabis use, along with four states and the District of Columbia allowing full adult use,” said Giadha DeCarcer.

DeCarcer is the CEO and founder of New Frontier, a marijuana Big Data expert on analytics, and a partner in the study.