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Alibaba to Invest In Chinese Department Store Operator

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. recently announced an impending investment of $692 million in a Chinese department store operator. The Chinese e-commerce empire is hoping to expand its reach to customers who prefer to shop in-store.

The investment in Intime Retail Co. Ltd. will come in two parts. Alibaba will purchase $214 million in shares as well as $478 million of convertible bonds to acquire a 26.1% stake in the department store. The company’s announcement comes after a $2.7 billion investment in efforts to expand its media, mapping and chat services across the globe, and ahead of an upcoming IPO which will take place in the U.S. later this year.

As part of the new arrangement, Intime and Alibaba are creating a joint venture to develop their O2O, or online-to-offline, business in department stores, supermarkets and shopping malls throughout China. Nearly 80% of this venture will be managed by Alibaba, and Intime will control the rest. reported that shares in Intime have increased by around 17% since the market opened on Monday. This follows a “trend of Hong Kong-listed companies whose shares gained sharply after receiving investments from Alibaba.”

Reuters added that “Appliance maker Haier Electronics Group Ltd. soared 20% in December after Alibaba unveiled plans to invest $361 million,” while “ChinaVision Media Group more than tripled earlier in March after Alibaba agreed to buy a controlling stake for $804 million to gain access to TV and movie content.”

4 Investment Suggestions for 2014

Credit Suisse analysts recently offered a research report with suggestions for their investment picks of 2014. Here is a rundown of the four companies they have picked as recommendations for investors like White Bay Group, Uriel Cohen Founder; BlackFin Capital Partners,  Laurent Bouyoux Chairman; and Westlead Capital, Inc., among others. 1. Cameron International: This is… Continue Reading

ETF-Managed Portfolios Gain Momentum

Customized managed portfolio strategies involving low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) are continuing to attract advisors and investors in 2014. A recent report from Morningstar revealed that ETF-managed portfolios saw a 40% increase in assets last year, reaching $96 billion. Other strategies with more than half of their assets in ETFs had similar results. explains… Continue Reading

Warren Buffet’s “Fundamentals of Investing”

Investment tycoon Warren Buffet recently shared an exclusive clip from his letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, in which he lists the “fundamentals of investing”. Fortune Magazine shared Buffet’s points with the following bullets: You don’t need to be an expert in order to achieve satisfactory investment returns. But if you aren’t, you must recognize your… Continue Reading