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Business Travelers Survey: The Upsides of Travel

Market research company TNS recently conducted a survey of business travelers for Marriott’s Fairfield Inn & Suites.

“We know very little about the emotional state of frequent business travelers and were surprised how positive travel was for their lives,” said Fairfield Inn & Suites VP Shruti Buckley.

According to USA Today, the top findings from the survey include:

  • Experiencing new places- followed by meeting new people and dining- are the most enjoyable aspects of business travel, most business travels said.
  • Nearly half find the most enjoyable aspect of business travel is earning miles or points in airline, hotel and car-rental programs. Not going into the office was most enjoyable for 36%.
  • A majority of business travelers- 88%- feel ‘a positive emotion’ when preparing for a business trip. Half feel confident, and 48% feel knowledgeable as they prepare.

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Company Focus: The Yocaipa Companies

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Apple Disappoints Investors as Stock Falls Short of Expectations

The manufacturer of iPhones and Mac computers, Apple Inc dismayed Wall Street investors on Tuesday when shares in the exceedingly stable and world’s leading technology company fell over 5 percent of their value, the second quarterly fall in under one year. The disheartening results show that even the usually rock-solid Apple brand is becoming vulnerable… Continue Reading

Stock Markets Spiral Downward as Spain’s Crisis Worsens

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Women in Tech: Marissa Mayer

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Focus on Companies: Patagonia- Where Less is More

Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard says, “Every time we’ve made a decision to do the right thing it ended up being good business.” In 2011 Patagonia posted $500 million in sales. The Ventura, California-based outdoor apparel company has grown close to 30% for the past two years running while simultaneously setting the highest possible standards for… Continue Reading